Russian artist and writer based in Trier, Germany


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"With my acrylic painting I deal with the subjects “nature” and “cows”. I get my ideas from legends, myths and fairy tales, songs and films, as well as from the past and everyday life.

As a child, I often visited my grandparents's farm. From an early age I was fascinated by cows. I could just stand there for hours and watch them. I think that cows are very positive, charismatic and the most relaxed animals in the world.

I try to paint cows full of color, life and love. I want that my paintings bring a little bit more happiness into your life and make you smile".

Elena Ennikova


"Shoes are much more than a practical necessity. Shoes can also be pushed into the realm of art and be transformed into objects of beauty and power...
Why do I use shoes for my sculptures, why am I inspired by shoes? Each shoe is unique. Whether beautiful or ugly, extraordinary or simple, they inspire my imagination. Shoes are like creatures to me. In almost every pair I see something special or out of the ordinary. I see character and personality.

With my artistic work I try to breathe life into every shoe sculpture, make it alive and to tell a story. I want to give shoes different meaning and feature them as living beings or magical objects in my sculptures".

Elena Ennikova


* Degree in Business Administration from Siberian University, Novosibirsk, Russia

* Diploma in Fine Arts from European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier, Germany


* Диплом по специальности "Экономика и управление на предприятии", Сибирский Университет Потребительской Кооперации, г.Новосибирск

* Диплом Европейской Академии Искусств по специальности "Изобразительное искусство", г.Трир, Германия

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