Elena was born in Siberia, Russia. She graduated from university in Novosibirsk with a degree in Business Administration. Following graduation, she pursued a carrier in this field.
In 2009 she moved to Trier, the oldest city of Germany. Since 2016 she has worked as a freelance artist and in 2017, she completed her degree in Fine Arts from the European Academy of Fine Arts.
Elena has also lived in the US and India. She enjoys traveling and is curious about different cultures and new people. Sometimes she asks herself, “Where is my home?”, and she replies, “The whole world is my home!”
Through her artistic work she wishes to show the uniqueness of each individual and calls for accepting the diversity of people, their cultures, traditions and habits.

Exhibitions (selection)


10.2019 – 11.2019    Solo Exhibition "KUhNST“, EigenArt Gallery , Trier, Germany
08.2019 – 09.2019    Exhibition „Drawer open – Drawer closed“, TUFA, Trier, Germany
08.2019                     Artothek´s Exhibition in the TUFA, Trier, Germany
05.2019 – 06.2019    Exhibition of Cultural Summer „Homeland 2019: Planet Earth, Lost Paradise“,                                            Schoenecken, Germany
10.2017 – 10.2018    Solo Abstract Painting Exhibition, University of Trier, Germany
09.2017                     Exhibition „Punktlandung 2017“, European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier, Germany
06.2017                     International Artist Group Exhibition “Ohne Titel”, Bitburg, Germany
10.2015 – 10.2016    Solo Permanent Exhibition, University of Trier, Germany
11.2015                     Artist Market, European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier, Germany.

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